My Piano Progress

In these posts, I want to show that I am making Piano Progress.

There are now four videos here. I will aim to show more as  I get better.

I hope that in the future a significant difference in my ability will be seen!

The following videos show what I have been learning at the Playground Sessions Bootcamp. They are pretty short pieces at the moment but as I get better I hope have now posted the final advanced level Bootcamp and soon will move onto showing you the Courses that Playground Sessions has to offer. I hope this will remain of interest and inspiring to new pianists. Anything is possible – I hope!!

November 2021.

This is a snippet of Louis Armstrong’s, ‘What A Wonderful World.’

Each piece I have learned in the Bootcamp is a little more challenging and I think this was a great tune to finish  the advanced Bootamp of Playground Sessions.

If there is one thing I am now aware of, it is the ability to sight read. I will endeavour work on this in the forthcoming  Playground courses.

For the moment however, I admit that the background music certainly helped me to keep the correct time. Had I the ability to look away from the keys as I played  and read the music as I played this would certainly have helped me to speed up the learning process.

Having said that I do feel that realistically this is a process that all musician have to go through and can only be improved gradually over many months if not years of play.

August 2021.

The introduction to Journey’s, ‘Don’t stop Believing.’

The most challenging part of this was getting all the correct notes at the correct time. A score of  95%-98% was reached many times but getting the score of 100% took a long time and a lot of perseverance. This is key to playing well and though frustrating eventually it was very satisfying to reach the score of 100%,

Apologies for the poor sound in the recording. I would love to turn the volume up and remove the thud when I play the keys but I live in a flat with other working residents.

June 2021

A little bit of Beethoven.

This piece I found challenging. I couldn’t play without looking at the keyboard. Maybe one day!

So to get the correct speed and timing I played with the software of Playground Sessions accompanying me.

I am happy to have been able to reach the correct speed of 120bpm. It didn’t take very long to play slowly but to be able to play at the correct speed took a long time. By using a metronome and increasing the speed gradually on Playground Sessions the speed was finally found.

April 2021

This video is the intro to ‘Clock’ by Coldplay.

The advantage of learning with the Playground Piano software was definitely put into practice here. It took me a long time to get the correct tempo for this piece so as to match the timing with the drums when they come into the tune.

Playground allows the piece to be able to be practised at different speeds which made it easier to read the music, stopped me from looking at the piano keys too much and helping me to find the correct rhythm.

The software helps me persevere as I could see the percentage score given at the end of playing. In this respect, the practice necessary became like a game. The more I played the less the notes on my screen went pink and red and the higher the score started to rise until eventually all notes could be seen on my computer screen to have turned green and a 100% score was achieved. This was very satisfying.

February 2021

The is from February 2021 and is from the middle of the Advanced Level Bootcamp of Playground Sessions. This time there was a need to look away from the keys and more at the computer screen with the written music. This was difficult and it took about a month to perfect this piece.

October 2020

The first is from October 2020 and is one of the last pieces from the Intermediate Level.

30 thoughts on “My Piano Progress”

  1. Wow great progress! Keep up the work it’s definitely noticeable in each video. 

    I myself would love to play the piano but I don’t have one. I used to play it in school and found it extremely fun, I haven’t played it since so hopefully one day I can purchase my very own piano and play whatever. Starting off maybe with a Britney song such as everytime, that has always been on my list to learn

  2. Thanks for sharing this very interesting article. I play the guitar myself and have tinkered around with various other stringed nstruments such as the Bass guitar, the fiddle, mandolin, bazouki, tenor banjo and bluegrass banjo. But i could never seem to warm to the keywboard. Mind you, I do have an old antique accordian that i like to have a go at now and then.

  3. After going through this article, I had all motivation and inspiration to restrategize in order to get my piano lessons and progress going once again. I really appreciate this piano lessons as I have been slacking in my talents as an pianist. I will keep following up on your articles to keep me motivated all the time. 

  4. Thank you for documenting your journey. And I absolutely love most of the songs you have chosen to practice. Above all, your post has encouraged me to give the piano a shot. I have always wanted to learn, but before there was no time. However, now that I am working from home, there is more time available.

  5. I loved the piece of February 2021. How long have you been playing the piano?

    “Don’t stop believing” was also great, they all are 🙂 I checked out the site of Playground Sessions and it looks like it’s set up to make piano lessons more accessible for everyone, isn’t it? Can you choose who you want to learn with or is Harry Gonnick Jr the only teacher?

    I love music and the piano is one of my favorite instruments. It would be nice to learn this online. All I need is a computer and a keyboard, right? 

    • Thanks for the comment. I played as a child a little. But I wanted to learn seriously so about 2 years ago. I didn’t want to travel to somebodies home for lessons and follow their routine for learning so I the felt it would be best to go with Playground Sessions. I could be taught any time of the day. It is founded by the legendary Quincy Jones so that I felt was good enough for me.

      Harry Connick Jr has a few videos in the Bootcamp but da guy called David Side does more. Most of the learning is just by following the steps given to by the computer. It works for me.

      You are quite right a computer, a digital keyboard and the internet are all that you need.

  6. Hello Mike!

    Thank you for your humility to show us your beginning stature up to now and how you have grown. 

    It is truly remarkable the way that our minds work and how through hard work, knowledge of the truth, consistence and perseverance we can truly overcome any obstacle. 

    I have tried for years to learn the guitar and admittedly not very hard, however I do play now and then and I admire those that remain dedicated and keep in touch with learning and have goals that they stick to and learn until they have begun to master their crafts. 

    It truly feels like nothing else when you work hard at a talent and see the fruits of your labor!

    Thank you so much Mike! 

    And will you upload some piano comparison links on a page of its own so we can know what pianos to buy?

    • Thank you.

      It really is a great feeling when you can play it correctly.

      I will have more pages in the future, just taking one step at a time!

  7. Hi Mike,

    This is quite interesting. Have you been playing piano long or did you start with this program? You’re doing really well. I love the piano.

    I took lessons for one year about 50 years ago. I have a piano that I got not too long ago and I bought some books so I can just start teaching myself.

    You did a great job showing what you’re doing with the added videos.

    Great job.

  8. Hi Mike,

    This is quite interesting. Have you been playing piano long or did you start with this program? You’re doing really well. I love the piano.

    I took lessons for one year about 50 years ago. I have a piano that I got not too long ago and I bought some books so I can just start teaching myself.

    You did a great job showing what you’re doing with the added videos.

    Great job.

  9. It’s been such a long time since I played piano for the last time. Your progress is amazing, and I enjoyed every theme you’ve played. Practice makes perfect, and I believe I still can play Bach’s Invention that I practiced for a whole year for my last year’s concert! Great job on your progress, keep it up!

  10. Mike, your article showed great progress in your piano playing ability. I enjoyed watching the videos to see how you had developed. It is certainly a great way of demonstrating what can be learned from enrolling in a Playground Sessions course. I am wondering if you were a complete beginner when you started, or whether you had some previous piano training? Anyway, well done on your progress.

  11. I think you’re really on point about that. I mean, the fact that a software like that helps to basically not give up because it, essentially, rewards you for doing a good job. I mean, the way I see it, that’s the ideal way to go and succeed long-term. There have to be wins that help us stay motivated and move forward. I mean, from what I can tell, the Playground Sessions sound like the kind of software I would like using myself. Ultimately, I feel this can definitely take someone from a total zero in piano to an absolute hero in that. Best luck on your way!!

  12. I LOVE!! this website and hitting that first video, you pump out one of my favorite songs in, “Its a Wonderful World”.

    How long have you been playing the piano?

    Also I saw a laptop in front of you, what is that used for?

    I always wished I had taken up a musical instrument but I just don’t have the patience.

    • Thanks, so glad you like the site. The laptop is what have used to learn the piano. Site learning from is called Playground Sessions and have been learning using the site for about two and a half years.

      Should give it a go. Never too late!

  13. Congratulations on your practice and hardwork. I know how hard it is to master a musical instrument and you appear to be well on your way. I did check out the Playground sessions website and it appears a great alternative to the ‘old piano’ teacher option. Perhaps this way children (and adults) will actually like to practice.

  14. This is a really cool article. I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano but I never had the money for it. This article has just given me motivation to really push this hobby. I see from your article that you have made significant progress so congratulations you you. 

  15. Really good process! And it makes me want to commence piano lessons! It is notable that you really like what you do and that you put passion in music. Both my grandmother and mother played piano, but I never found the time to learn or really put my effort in learning…thanks, you gave me the boost I needed!


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