My Piano Progress

In these posts, I want to show that I am making Piano Progress.

There are now four videos here. I will aim to show more asĀ  I get better.

I hope that in the future a significant difference in my ability will be seen!

The following videos show what I have been learning at the Playground Sessions Bootcamp. They are pretty short pieces.

June 2021

A little bit of Beethoven.

This piece I found challenging. I couldn’t play without looking at the keyboard. Maybe one day!

So to get the correct speed and timing I played with the software of Playground Sessions accompanying me.

I am happy to have been able to reach the correct speed of 120bpm. It didn’t take very long to play slowly but to be able to play at the correct speed took a long time. By using a metronome and increasing the speed gradually on Playground Sessions the speed was finally found.


April 2021

This video is the intro to ‘Clock’ by Coldplay.

The advantage of learning with the Playground Piano software was definitely put into practice here. It took me a long time to get the correct tempo for this piece so as to match the timing with the drums when they come into the tune.

Playground allows the piece to be able to be practised at different speeds which made it easier to read the music, stopped me from looking at the piano keys too much and helping me to find the correct rhythm.

The software helps me persevere as I could see the percentage score given at the end of playing. In this respect, the practice necessary became like a game. The more I played the less the notes on my screen went pink and red and the higher the score started to rise until eventually all notes could be seen on my computer screen to have turned green and a 100% score was achieved. This was very satisfying.

February 2021

The is from February 2021 and is from the middle of the Advanced Level Bootcamp of Playground Sessions. This time there was a need to look away from the keys and more at the computer screen with the written music. This was difficult and it took about a month to perfect this piece.

October 2020

The first is from October 2020 and is one of the last pieces from the Intermediate Level.

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